Jose Balderas


A little about me.


It all started when...

I was just a young boy in Houston, Tx. Like typical engineer stories, I would take apart things around the house. VCRs, DVD players, RC cars, stuff that didn't have acronyms, to figure out how they work. Whatever I could get my hands on, I tried to tear apart. I still don't know how they completely work, but the curiosity has not faded. I eventually moved on to taking apart larger things.

After high school, I worked various jobs around town, picking up some skills and tricks along the way. In 2012, I graduated from School of Automotive Machinists, where I learned how to modify and build engines for motorsport. 

With everything I have learned along the way, I now find myself at a start-up in Palo Alto. Since early 2016, I have helped take ideas and create them into physical objects.